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    We assist first time buyers, home movers, buy to let investors and people looking to remortgage their current homes, throughout the whole process. Giving expert advice on the best mortgage for your individual needs, advice on the most suitable survey and guidance on which solicitor to instruct.

    We also have access to thousands of mortgage products including exclusive deals which aren’t available by going direct to the banks or building societies.

    Our advisors have years of experience helping our valued clients. A first class customer service is what we pride ourselves on and is the ethos of the company. Please check out our Google reviews for feedback from our customers.

    Providing you guidance every step of the way

    AP Mortgage Solutions Ltd are a whole of market mortgage & protection advice broker based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Our focus is not just to find you the cheapest deal on the market, but to assist you throughout the whole house buying or remortgaging process. This includes, but is not restricted to;

    • Finding the most suitable lender which applies to your circumstances
    • Obtaining all documents required and submitting your application
    • Finding an efficient solicitor and instructing them for you
    • Giving advice on the most suitable survey required
    • Our administrators will then process the application through to offer whilst regularly updating you with progress
    • We’ll help with all mortgage and legal paperwork to take the stress away and see your application through to a quick completion by chasing all parties involved on your behalf
    • Whilst also ensuring that you are adequately protected and insured with affordable solutions to safeguard you from the worse things happening

    We will also then keep you on the best deals on the market every time your mortgage is due for renewal in the future.

    So if you live anywhere in the UK we can help with mortgage and protection advice from start to finish. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.

    Our Customer Journey

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    First appointment

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    Find a house to buy

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    Second appointment

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    Mortgage offer

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    Tailored mortgage plans

    During our first appointment, or phone conversation, we will take a few details to build a picture of your circumstances and what you would like to achieve with your new mortgage.

    This will include information around your income and outgoings, your credit history and any other commitments you might have. Our expert advisers will then establish what your monthly budget is to maintain affordability and then take the information away and tailor it to the most suitable lender on the market.

    We will then confirm details such as how much you can borrow, what purchase price you can buy up to (if it’s a purchase) the interest rate, term, repayments, fees and many other details of the deal we are recommending.

    All of the time explaining these details in simple terms which are easy to understand.

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    A Whole of Market Mortgage Broker

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    How do you choose the best mortgage advisor ?

    There’s two good ways to help you make your mind up. Do they have good customer reviews and how many do they have, and are there any independent sources to verify they’re good?

    Thankfully we can help here as we have the most 5 star reviews on google, not just in the local area but in North Nottinghamshire and you can read those here. Secondly, we were named as the best independent mortgage & protection advice business in the whole of the East Midlands and you can read about that by clicking here.

    Each year a guide is published in The Times and Telegraph newspapers titled – The Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisors. Shaw Financial Services were the only business and Lewis was the only broker to feature in the Top Rated Mortgage Brokers covering Mansfield & Sutton-in-Ashfield areas. We were very happy to accept the nomination and subsequent award. So when you do business with Shaw Financial Services you can rest assured that you’re dealing with one of the Top Rated mortgage brokers in the UK.

    Providing you guidance every step of the way

    Shaw Financial Services is an independent mortgage & protection advice business based in Mansfield. We strive to make sure every customer gets the best mortgage advice available no matter the circumstances. Whether that’s as a first time buyer, moving home or remortgaging, Shaw Financial Services will also make sure you’re financially protected with the right life insurance, critical illness plans or income protection policies. We are also experts in helping people with less than perfect credit histories or those wishing to consolidate debt if appropriate and have helped lots of people who thought they couldn’t get a mortgage succeed in their plans.

    Our focus isn’t just on getting you the best mortgage now, but to keep in contact with you throughout the term of your mortgage so that we can regularly review your circumstances to ensure you’re never missing out on better deals. If you live in or around Mansfield we can help with face to face independent mortgage advice from start to finish. If you’d like to speak to a mortgage broker in Mansfield then feel free to book an appointment to see us face to face in our office in Mansfield.


    Tailored mortgage plans

    We search the whole of the mortgage market to ensure that when we recommend a particular mortgage it’s the best fit for you. Of course this will be dependent upon a number of factors including but not limited to; how much deposit you have, your employment status, the amount and frequency of your income along with your credit history and any debts you may currently have. Once we’ve established all these variables we then talk through your options to determine what are the most important aspects of your new mortgage and base our advice on everything that you’ve told us.

    We help people like you with mortgage advice if you are –

    • A first time buyer in Mansfield
    • Need to remortgage in Mansfield
    • Looking to buy your next home and need a home mover mortgage in Mansfield
    • Perhaps you need a self-employed mortgage in Mansfield
    • Are you considering a debt consolidation mortgage in Mansfield
    • Maybe you’ve had bad credit before and need a bad credit mortgage in Mansfield
    • Do you want to become a landlord and get a buy to let mortgage in Mansfield
    • Have you been offered the right to buy and would like to get a right to buy mortgage in Mansfield

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    Our Process Is Simple

    We help you weather today's uncertainty in the market through our very best advice and support services.


    After establishing your needs and preferences we will make a mortgage recommendation for you by exploring the whole of the market. We will explain why this suits what you are looking to achieve and run through all of the details of the specific mortgage in a simple and jargon free way.


    We will then gather all required documents from you and submit the application on your behalf.


    Our administrators will then see your application all the way through to completion for you. Regularly chasing the lender and the solicitor to see it through to a stress free completion, whilst always keeping you updated with any progress along the way.


    Meet Mansfield's Top Rated Mortgage Advisor

    Lewis was born and raised in Derbyshire. The son of an ex-miner. After gaining a degree in Philosophy from University College London, Lewis enlisted in the military and had a fruitful career in the Armed Forces. Upon leaving the military Lewis decided to opt for a more sedate role and studied and passed his financial exams to become an independent mortgage broker…the rest they say…is history. With a number of years experience in financial services he can now be found helping customers with their mortgage needs in Mansfield & Sutton-In-Ashfield & when he’s not busy doing that you’ll find him stuck in the middle of a scrum playing tight-head prop for Sutton-in-Ashfield Rugby Club, most probably covered in mud.

    The operational processes of a business are what drives the business itself

    We're here to inform which tactics need funding and which are drainsom resources.
    Strategy Consulting90%
    Operations Careers50%
    Management Consulting80%


    Case Studies

    We explore some of the latest trends and strategies

    Be at the forefront of the innovation

    Your goals are individual. We believe business advice should be too, so we help your business thrive in this work environment.

    Our Team

    We combine global expertise and local insight to help you

    Head of ConsultingBrian B. Rooney

    +353 1 417 259
    +353 1 417 259

    Talent & Performance AdvisorMichelle C. Ward

    +353 1 417 259

    As a company we are committed to working in the greenest way possible

    We, and the partners we work with, are dedicated to preserving the planet as much as we can. We will always endeavour to run our business in the most eco-friendly way possible


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