The legal process is complex and our clients find it easier when we help out with recommendations

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    Conveyancing with AP Mortgage Solutions

    Solicitors are necessary when it comes to selling, buying or remortgaging a property. They handle any and all legal documents, making sure this side of the property market runs smoothly and efficiently. At AP Mortgage Solutions, we recommend a panel of excellent conveyancing firms that ensure you receive value for your money and the efficient service that you deserve.

    Our conveyancing quotations contain all the information you’ll need when facing the property market. Book a telephone appointment today to find out how we can help with the conveyancing.

    Mortgage Calculator

    If you’re unsure about how much you can borrow, try out our mortgage calculator below to see what your mortgage repayments might look like. Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate as each mortgage lender has different guidelines and requirements.


    The Benefits of Conveyancing

    Our conveyancing partners can greatly benefit each potential homeowner or those looking to sell their current property. We want to make things as easy as possible for everyone involved by providing you with:

    • A specific case handler
    • A solid quote (your fees won’t change)
    • An easy to understand explanation of conveyancing
    • Guaranteed value for money
    • Access to high-end firms that specialise in conveyancing

    All of the communication is done via email and post, so there’s no need for tedious and time-consuming trips to the solicitor’s office (unless you prefer to) All this can all be done with the help of AP Mortgage Solutions so please get in touch to find out how conveyancing can help you.

    The Next Stage

    Once we’ve provided you with a quote, and you’re happy with it, we can proceed to the next stage. This is when we’ll get in touch with the solicitor on your behalf and instruct them for you.

    We’ll work with our chosen solicitor to sort out any legal documents needed for your property, speeding the process along and providing you with a hassle-free service.

    If you believe you’d benefit from conveyancing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with AP Mortgage Solutions.

    What is a remortgage

    We hope the remortgage video helps explain things but if you're unsure then just drop us a line and lets talk about your options

    Can I borrow additional money when I apply for my mortgage?

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    In some circumstances you are able to borrow more that the discount purchase price when you make your application. The only reason you are allowed to borrow more money is for home improvements and not all lenders allow this as part of their lending policy around right to buy.

    As an example of what may be possible lets assume you are buying your council home and you have a discount of 40% and the value of your home is £100,000.

    Specific lenders would allow the following – you could use the 40% discount as the deposit and ordinarily borrow £60,000 to purchase your home, but you think that you’d like to renovate the kitchen and bathroom. You know that this will cost you £15,000 to do. as long as we have quotes showing this then some mortgage lenders will allow you to borrow £75,000 (£60,000 for the purchase and the additional £15000 for the renovation works) at the same time.

    Before You Do Anything Else – Have You Read Our Reviews? Click Here To Read Them!

    If you’re thinking about applying for the right to buy the first place to start is by talking to us so we can make sure that you’ll be able to get the mortgage that you’ll need. Once we have confirmed you are eligible for a mortgage we can help you with the right to buy application and talk you through the full process along with helping to explain the legal side and making sure that your paperwork is filled in correctly to prevent time wasting and unnecessary delays to your home ownership.

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