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    Your Guide to Life Insurance

    Life insurance is an insurance policy taken out by those who have people depending on them for their income, such as children or other family members. Should you pass away unexpectantly, life insurance provides financial support for your family instead of leaving them to meet the mortgage payments and settle debts.

    Please speak to a member of our team for more information and to ensure that you arrange the correct cover for you and your family.

    How It Works

    Life insurance policies work by either paying out a lump sum or regular monthly payments to the beneficiary in the event of your death. It provides dependants with financial support when you’re no longer there to provide your income.

    During your lifetime, you’ll pay monthly premiums, much like other kinds of insurance, to access the benefits. When taking out this policy, you should see how much you’re expected to pay, what the beneficiary will receive and what exactly the insurance covers.

    In the event of your death, the beneficiary can make a claim on this policy, receiving the funds in the agreed manner.

    Life insurance can also be tailored to a mortgage to ensure your mortgage is repaid in full in the event of premature death of the life assured. Please get in touch for more details.

    Term Life Insurance Policies

    There are various types of life insurance policies, one of these is term life insurance.

    Term life insurance runs for a specific period of time, set out in your agreement, after which the policy and the payout cannot be claimed. To utilise this insurance, you would have to die whilst the policy is still active.

    You can often choose how long you want the life insurance for, after which you cannot receive a death benefit.

    The Types of Life Insurance

    Term life insurance isn’t the only variation of this policy, with many insurance providers offering special clauses and benefits for specific policies. For example, most providers offer a “terminal benefit”. This is where you, or the beneficiary, will receive a payout in the event of diagnosis of a terminal illness.

    Some policies also have restrictions on payouts, such as if you die from drug or alcohol abuse. These exclusions will also be listed in the terms and conditions of your policy. Similarly, if you have an existing health condition when you take out life insurance, some policies may not payout should you die from that condition. However we will always be on hand to inform you of what your policy specifically covers and what exclusions may be included.

    To prepare yourself against unforeseen circumstances, consider investing in a life insurance policy.

    Additional Information

    In the UK, one in five men die before reaching the age of 65, with cancer as the biggest single cause of death. In fact, 28% of deaths across the UK are due to some form of cancer.

    Heart and other circulatory diseases account for a quarter of all UK deaths, with the numbers rising for those younger than 75.

    It’s never too early to invest in a life insurance policy and we recommend taking one out sooner rather than later. Protect you and your loved ones with a life insurance policy that suits you, and get in touch with AP Mortgage Solutions for more information.

    As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply

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